About Us

SCB is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of recreational archery in Sonoma County.  Our primary purpose is to provide a fun and safe environment for our members and community alike.

SCB has had several hundred members over its 40+ year history peaking at approximately 300 members.  Although the majority of our members live and work in Sonoma County, we have some members from other counties as well.

Our youngest active members are “Pee Wees” under the age of 8 years old, while our most senior active members are in their 80’s.  One family, which has been supporting SCB for many years, has three generations with over 10 grandchildren participating.  There are a large number of grandparents who have introduced their grandchildren to the outdoors and to the sport of archery through SCB’s activities.  We have even had couples that met at the club and have since been married.

SCB is affiliated with various organizations which help provide structure, rules and regulations for the sport of archery.  Many of our members have served or are currently serving as board members of some of these organizations.  They are:

– International Bowhunting Organization, “IBO” (international)

– National Archery Association, “NAA” (Olympic, national – formed in 1879)

– National Field Archery Association, “NFAA” (national)

– California Bowmen Hunters/State Archery Association, “CBH/SAA” (state)

– Northern California Field Archer Association, “NCFAA” (regional)

Some of our members regularly write magazine articles and have even written books on the subject of archery.  We have members who are certified instructors for various international and national organizations.  We also have some professional archers who are sponsored by various companies and organizations.

While some of our members come to practice and improve their archery skills for organized competition (some hold state and/or national championship titles) or hunting, others come for educational purposes, to be physically active, enjoy nature, and enjoy the camaraderie our club offers.