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What Skill Level is Required?

Our ranges and shoots are for archers of all skill levels. The only requirement is that all archers follow best practices and take all safety precautions. The primary goal is for you to have fun and gain confidence in your shooting abilities!

Do I have to be a member?

The short answer is, no. You do not have to be a member however there are benefits to becoming a member such as discounted rates for archery shoots hosted by Sonoma County Bowmen as well as discounts on archery lessons. Being a member helps the club maintain and purchase high quality targets for everyone to enjoy.

Why are membership Fees increasing?

The Sonoma County Bowmen Board has voted to eliminate the required maintenance fee, although we still appreciate those who would like to continue to volunteer, and are increasing our annual dues to to cover the eliminated fee.

Are the ranges Open 24/7?

Our Lake Sonoma range is open to the public and available to everyone during Lake Sonoma’s standard hours of operations. Rancho Neblina is only open during scheduled events and for archery lessons. Check our our events to see when Rancho Neblina is open.

can I rent equipment?

Sonoma County Bowmen does not have equipment that you can rent. However, those who are taking traditional archery lessons can use equipment belonging to SCB if they do not have their own.

What does the last chance broadhead shoot pay for?

The Last Chance Broadhead Shoot is the largest shoot in Sonoma County that fully benefits SCB. West Coast Archery Shop donates all of the proceeds from this event to SCB. The proceeds from this event are dedicated to purchasing 3D targets and replacing inserts for everyone to enjoy!

Where can I buy equipment?

West Coast Archery Shop in Petaluma is one of SCB’s biggest supporters. They have employees whose expertise are both in hunting and target archery. They have a wide range of equipment and a 20 yard indoor range.

Turra’s Backroom Archery located in Santa Rosa is also a local archery shop that may meet your archery needs.

How do I get involved?

SCB is very grateful for all of the volunteers who help make the events and ranges what they are today. A lot of hard work goes into maintaining ranges, putting on events, and ensuring the safety and enjoyment for those joining us is maintained. If you would like to get involved please contact Marilyn Dutra at

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