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Latest Past Events

A Shot In The Dark

This is a fun Halloween themed shoot! This shoot consists of 3D and paper targets, with a fun trick or treat surprise at every target! There are special activities and…

Saturday 3D League

Rancho Neblina 291 Seavey Road, Petaluma

Our Saturday 3D League is open to everyone! This is a 14 target, 3 arrow shoot. The targets are at unmarked distances however range finders are allowed. Scoring is 5-3-1.…


Traditional Rendezvous

Rancho Neblina 291 Seavey Road, Petaluma

This is a 60 target shoot, 40 targets on Saturday and 20 targets on Sunday, unmarked target shoot. There will also be: Novelty Shoots Gol-Archery Atlatl offertings Aerials Fallen Archer…